How does Secure Call achieve full anonymity?

Secure Call does not require your personal informations such that your phone number, your e-mail address or any kind of your membership. In this way, it becomes impossible to determine user's true identity. You can make encrypted secure voice calls by completely remaining anonymous thanks to one-time generated Secure Call number that is generated during application installation.

Will my address book data be sent to Internet?

No. To able to increase privacy level, we do not synchronize your address book with any devices, servers or cloud services. More over, due to our limited app permissions, we even cannot access your phone contacts. You have to manually edit your Secure Call contacts due to this limitations.

Could you decrypt my voice calls, for example if you were required to by law enforcement?

No, that is impossible. All voice call data are end-to-end encrypted through peer-to-peer architecture. Since we don't have the secret keys of our users we cannot decrypt your voice calls (your secret key never leaves your device and generated for each calls). Prior to actual voice data transfer starts (i.e. when a user intent to call someone), our servers need to know caller and callee to start peer-to-peer voice call. But, after voice call is started, all voice communication data are transmitted through peer-to-peer architecture. So, we cannot even know what was transmitted.

What is the benefit of Secure Call numbering system?

Secure Call users in every corner of the world, unlike complicated phone numbering systems, can perform encrypted voice calling by dialing fewer numbers through innovative numbering system.